USI-Schools.Org: Floralculture Department - Benefits of Developing a Floralculture Department

Cultivating flowers is a great way to earn a living. Farmers all over the world raise flowers to export to other countries. If more schools offered a floralculture department, students would learn how to have a career in floral culture. Raising flowers will provide jobs to local workers which will support local families. Florists like St Louis flowers know, that when this happens, the local economy is boosted and there is more revenue generated for the good of the community. When a local economy is strong, people will spend more money on goods and services which increases revenue to the local government.

When there is more revenue coming in to a government in the form of income and sales taxes, the local economy will benefit because the government will be able to make sure that roads and sidewalks are in good repair. Parks and buildings will be maintained when there is enough money in the budget. Grass along the sides of streets and highways will be mowed and watered because there will be enough money in the local budget. Public areas will be attractive because there will be money to care for these areas. Earning money as a florist will help a local economy thrive. When a school has a floralculture department, students are able to learn about becoming a florist.

When families have money, they are likely to become homeowners. When this happens, the local real estate market will improve. Property values will increase steadily and thus property taxes will be raised accordingly. This will ensure that schools have enough money to take advantage of technology and hire qualified teachers. Local colleges and universities should establish a floralculture department in order to make sure that some students can learn about to grow and arrange flowers. When the local students graduate from a program in floral culture, they are likely to open their own business which will bring money into the local economy.

By creating a floralculture department, a community college can provide an opportunity for students to become independent by learning a trade. This skill will allow them to work in many different areas or become business owners. Flower arrangement departments are present in many retail stores. Florists can earn a decent living by growing their own flowers. The hottest market trend is creating organic products so if florists have the knowledge on how to raise their own flowers, they can demonstrate to customers that they use organic products when cultivating their flowers.