USI-Schools.Org: Financial Department

Far too many people today know quite little about finances. The lack of financial literacy in the up-and-coming generation has led to greater numbers of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and credit card debt. The problem seems to be that people do not know where to turn for information about managing finances responsibly. As a student in the financial department at USI, you can learn firsthand what you need to become financially independent. In apropos, we have a course where students can explore the processes involved in starting a hedge fund. Plus, with the degree you earn, you will have the knowledge to pass on advice to other people who may be struggling to make heads or tails of their finances.

Most people learn how to manage their money the hard way. Trial and error is a dangerous way to earn your financial education, so why not join the financial department at USI and learn in a safe and educational classroom setting? The concepts you will learn in class can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. In a culture of instant gratification-one in which the concept of "buy now and pay later" is the basis for almost any transaction-you can escape the irresponsible opinions of people who know nothing about finances and learn everything you need to know from highly informed staff members of the university.

As you learn all about proper financial management, you will also be educated in the important matters of teamwork and communication skills at USI in the financial department. A skill set that includes these traits is essential when it comes to dealing with clients who have business issues that are out of the ordinary e.g. prime brokerage. Delve deeply into your studies to learn aspects of the industry that can personally help you with your family's finances, even while you are still attending classes at USI.

If you inherently possess a deep interest in personal and business finance, attending USI and becoming involved in the financial department could be the perfect educational track for you. The ability to secure a professional job in a finance field such as a private placements firm is a direct relation from hard work in studies while here at USI. If you are diligent in your course work, you will undoubtedly be able to find work with an employer following your formal education in a position that will allow you to make a difference in the lives of others needing financial advice from someone who has experience and knowledge to share.